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Design Challenge

Prompt: Weather apps are the new UI design playground. Now it’s your chance to take a crack at designing one. First, what kind of weather app do you want to design? Pick from one of the prompts as your starting point. Next, decide how you’re going to tackle this particular problem. Will it be a web site? A mobile app? Something else? Lastly, document your concept for us. We understand that this is only a rough concept. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, but we do want understand the thinking behind your design.

Amount of Time to Complete: 4 days




  • Current weather/minimal information on front screen
  • Ability to scroll through day to see potential for rain
  • Pull up settings screen
  • Lots of space on front page for more information that is not being used

Apple Weather

  • Realistic background
  • Option for multiple locations with different ways to access locations
  • Ability to connect to The Weather Channel website
  • No notifications
  • Access from different locations on phone (widget)


The Weather Channel

  • Saved location/ability to use current location
  • Shows your weather and what's happening around the world
  • High and Low on front page
  • Brief description of full day
  • Does not show full day forecast on front page, but ability to access full forecast on top bar

Potential Users

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Description: Goes to work daily for 8+ hours and remains away from home throughout day

Goals: Bring the right attire/gear for the entire workday

Frustrations: Leaving the house without knowing the day's forecast and needing different clothes or gear because of a change in the weather


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Description: A parent that helps prepare their child for the day ahead at school, as well as preparing themselves for the day

Goals: To send their child to school with what they need in case the weather changes throughout the school day

Frustrations: Not knowing the full forecast and being ill prepared for the day

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Anyone Going Outside

Description: Anyone that plans on being outside for any amount of time throughout the day, specifically people that spend the majority of their time outside

Goals: Be prepared for changes in weather

Frustrations: Not having the ability to see changes in the weather without making the effort to go to an application or website to see the hourly schedule


Initial Ideation




Wireframe Flows


Final Design


Main Screen

The first screen the user sees is the full weather forecast for the current date. It shows highs/lows, current temperature, the week ahead, and more information such as the sunrise/sunset times, precipitation and visibility. The main features on this page is the ability to scroll through the day and see the weather at different times and also visually see the temperature rise and fall throughout the day.



The settings screen gives the user the ability to change their information, change location, set and change their notification settings, and change between fahrenheit and celsius. On the change location screen there is the option to enter a new location or select from saved locations.



One of the main features that separates this application from other weather apps is the push notification feature. This sends a notification to the user telling them the basic overview of the weather that day, and also makes suggestions of what to bring with them to prepare for their day.